Cacao Alchemist



By having the honour to with this pure, sacred high frequency plant, I have been able to connect cacao with other high vibrational plant allies to unlock a a mind body connection of true remembering of the magic that lies within us all - our true purpose.


The frequency of this plant medicine is nothing short of pure heart opening love.

I travel this sacred journey of re-connection to ancient wisdom that lies within. My divine path has led me to Mama Cacao and her potent plant medicine. Communicating with nature at this level creates the deepest form of spiritual connection and unlocks the mysteries of what connects humanity to our ancient forest world.


- Kimberli Wildcrafted


Plant medicines are natural substances that can help return the body to a state of balance so that it can heal. We can connect to plants on conscious level and through the process of this connection we can enhance our journey of wellbeing.

Cacao is a plant that that originates in the lowlands of Central America, valued as a medicine and food for thousands of years. Cacao has a profound effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular health, soothes symptoms of depression and premenstrual syndrome and increases blood flow to the brain.

Known as the "Heart Opener" Cacao allows you to sit in a space of peace an harmony not only with your own spiritual journey, but with the understanding others. Its pure vibration increases blood flow into the heart bringing a rush of Qi energy into the divine space of the heart chakra. Pure love!

Not only does it contain powerful antioxidants, it triggers the release of dopamine and phenylethylamine (PEA), improving your mood and level of happiness. It also contains "anandamide" which is known as the bliss molecule - a natural pleasure molecule that binds to the cannabinoid receptors on neurons - the feeling you get when you feel that high from exercise. PEA and anandamide are naturally produced in the brain but with the addition of Cacao you get an extra zap!

By taking drinking or eating cacao before consuming other plant medicine, cacao will amplify the effect - enhancing its healing within your body.

What is there not to love about this pure vibrational plat medicine!


Amongst my many creative offerings with cacao I am open to any type of co-creation!

If you want to offer a special blend to your clients please let me know. And, I am not limited to cacao, cacao is just the beginning! We can add plants, mushrooms powders, petals and more. Then infused with plenty of my cacao love and vibrations!

Some of my latest co-creations include:

  • Fun-raising for Heart Place Hospital. 120 x 100g bars for raising funds to help others. This bar was co-created with Jacqui O'Connor with a whole lot of love!
  • Ongoing co-creation with the beautiful Angelah from Angelah Rose Reiki. This divine 100g bar was nothing short of magic! Infused with Reiki, this bar is like no other!

I'd love to hear from you if you have an idea and want to co-create with me.


I am always open to have you in my space to create your own magic with Cacao.

My Cacao Concher (Grinder) is available for you to make your own bars! I have everything you need to get started and can also assist you with all of the ingredients.

Email me for more information.


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