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Address: 167C Waltham Road, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023 - please message me if you wish to make a time to visit as I am often with clients.

Phone: 0274443484       Email: [email protected]

TBT Trauma Release


I am a multidimensional plant medicine woman and galactic starseed, specialising in embodied trauma release. My heart led, individualised sessions gently awaken the connection between the mind, body and soul: the true essence of being. 

My own lengthy healing journey has led me to believe that each person has the power within them to step onto their golden path. Not only step onto it but shine so brightly that others will follow.

The combination of my unique quantum healing techniques and guided plant medicine helps to elevate each and every person into their highest vibration.

Follow my journal to learn with me. I will share my learnings about how nature can support and heal us along with simple tricks and tips for connecting your mind, body and soul with our magical Earth Elements and the Plant Realms.


My extensive knowledge of plants and their actions can help you on your wellbeing journey. Our magical plant allies have their own intelligence and can truly heal our body and mind in a way that is quite profound.

Please feel free to pop in and chat to me about your concern so that I can create a plant medicine especially for you.

Or just come in to visit the store a pick one of the many beautiful herbal teas, mushroom medicines or tea making equipment. I also have lovely giftware!

TBT Trauma Release Therapy

I now offer in person or zoom sessions to help release trauma from the body.

I use EFT, or "tapping" as it is more commonly known as, to release past traumatic memories and reframe them. One traumatic event, no matter how big or small, can set off a series of ongoing triggers which impact your physical and mental health. This causes your body to react subconsciously to everyday things you are not even aware of, releasing low doses of adrenalin and cortisol into the body, resulting in ongoing anxiety. Sometimes you are not even aware of why you are anxious or experience fear.

I can help you connect the dots, give you the tools you need to live a more joyful life.


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