Biopulse Detox

"Ionic Detox Technology – Foot Spa with Frequency"

Ionic Foot Spa can help lower systemic toxicity by delivering ions or electrically-charged particles to the bloodstream.

Through ionisation the BioPulse machine significantly reduces the body’s overall toxic load by emitting negatively charged ions that bind to positively charged toxins, helping the body get rid of them not just through the feet but through other channels of elimination such as the liver, colon, lymphatic system, and skin.

Two sessions per week for 1 – 6 months is recommended to achieve real and measurable results, and once or twice a week thereafter depending on the person, for health maintenance.

If you want to book a single session please BOOK HERE

Biopulse Packages

By purchasing a session package you can reduce your overall cost of your sessions. Once you purchase your pack I will send you a coupon to use when booking. Please wait for this coupon before booking.

Any questions? Pease EMAIL ME

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