Goddess Kali Earrings – Moonstones

Goddess Kali Earrings – Moonstones

Very old Sterling Silver 925 Indian Goddess Kali काली Pendants from my private collection. I have hand made these into earrings with faceted, iridescent moonstone beads. Made with Sterling silver 925 hoops and parts.

These pendants are very old and quite Collectable. This set is one-of-a-kind!


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Goddess Kali Earrings – Moonstones

Kali’s काली themes are rebirth, cycles, joy, courage, hope, cleansing and change.  Her symbols are flowers, dance, iron, swords, peacock feathers and honey.  Kali, a Hindu Goddess whose name means ‘time’, she is the genetrix of natural forces that either build or destroy. Even in destruction, however, She reminds us that good really can come of bad situations. If you find your hopes and dreams have been crushed, Kali can change the cycle and produce life out of nothingness. Where there is sorrow, She dances to bring joy. Where there is fear, She dances in courage.

Kali is the Goddess of time, change and destruction. She is the energy current inside of you. She is wild, empowered and all loving. This energy is deeply involved in the life-death-life cycle to keep you growing and transforming.

This Dark Mother Kali, in all her love and ferocity will guide you through transformation. She does this by dissolving all forms and time. She will tear things up to help you see what is needing to die inside of you such as self limiting beliefs or attachments to the past that prevent you from moving forward. These deaths then create a fertile field for growth and creation of the new.

She’s the darkness most of us fear. She is fierce. She is loving. She will transform you. 


Wildcrafted NZ is all about slow living.  All of my ceramics are made with a deep joy I have for working with clay – I gift from Gaia that I am truly grateful for. I am open to any requests for customized earrings.

If you would like to stay updated on recipes, information about the herbs I use and other stuff you might find interesting, please check out my journal page.



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