Blue Lotus Flower Powder (O)

Blue Lotus Flower Powder (O)

Common Name: Blue Lotus, Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile, Blue Egyptian water lily
Botanical Name: (Nymphaea caerulea)
Family: Nymphaea
Description: Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a stunningly beautiful blue and yellow water-lily in the genus Nymphaea.

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Blue Lotus Flower Powder (O) 

Blue Lotus Flower is the most beautiful flower to make yourself a tea before bed. Expand you mind and explore this lucid dreaming tea! Watch it unfold and change as it infuses in a or water bath.

The Blue lotus flower was an important part of ancient Egyptian spiritual practices. Meaning creation and rebirth, it was a symbol of the sun, because at nightfall it closes and goes beneath the water and at dawn it climbs up above the water and reopens.


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Blue Lotus was used in Ancient Egypt as an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer for both men and women, as well as a general remedy and tonic. Blue lotus was also used as a visionary plant and it was the symbol for a key to good health, sex, rebirth and the symbol for the origins of life.


When prepared as a tea the flowers produce a thick, gold/clear liquid that reminds one of melted amber. The liquid is ever so slightly sweet and upon being consumed creates a warm, euphoric glow. The dried flower can also be smoked by themselves or blended with other herbs to add flavor and a mild euphoric effect to your favorite smoking mixture. There is some indication that the effects of Blue Lotus may be enhanced if soaked in wine (which is thought to be the original Egyptian method of use) or other alcohol.


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