Angelah Rose

My mission is to be part of the alignment and transcendence journey of those who walk beside me through uplifting and inspiring and entertaining in multidimensional fields.

Ever since I was young I have been a sensitive and intuitive soul. I was told many times growing up that I was a healer however it wasnt until a personal journey healing dis-ease within my own body, and experiencing first hand the miraculous effects energetic and spiritual practices can have on supporting healing and personal growth that I realized that through the balancing of mind body and spirit we can find our greatest healing and It is my mission to share this with as many people as possible.

Becoming a Reiki practitioner came to me. I was awoken for 14 days in a row with a message saying "you need to give Reiki". Once I found my masters everything fell in to place and while studying I felt more aligned than ever before.  I now have been practicing Reiki for 3 years and was attuned in Otautahi Christchurch through my masters Sandra McAlpine, Dorine Hooykas and Phyllis Brown.

I feel so blessed and honoured to hold space, share and support in the healing journey of others. Throughout my journey so far I have shared some really beautiful moments that I cherish so deeply. 

Reiki healing - NLP - Timeline Therapy - Angel channeling - Singing bowls - Oracle and Tarot readings - Pastoral therapy - Sacred Spirit Circles - Crystal healing


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