Sonja Courtis


Wellbeing Transformation

It is your birthright to feel good!

When you align to good feelings, you bring in all the good experiences that are available to you. Seeking personal empowerment will change your life! I have spent over 20 years helping people become happier and healthier. My knowledge in the field of holistic health saved my father's life. He miraculously survived 80 days in ICU, much to the surprise of the doctors. If you know in your heart there is more to this life and you are ready to find out how magnificent you are, It's time we talked.

When you release your old limiting stories and create new empowering beliefs, your life will transform.

When you do this work expect to:

  • Become an inspired action taker
  • Believe in your magnificence
  • Shoosh that limiting chit chat that keeps you stuck
  • Become a manifestor of your hearts desires.
  • Manifest better relationships (find true love)
  • Find the truth of who you really are
  • Make the body a vessel of wellbeing
  • Learn to communicate in effective and connected ways
  • Heal trauma and past negative emotional events

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