Scandi Flower Earrings – Teal

These Scandi Flower Earrings are Handcrafted porcelain ceramic earrings with a touch of gold lustre.

These earrings are interchangeable with my custom designed earring hooks. You can buy with hooks or without – which means you can buy extra dangles and swap whenever you feel like a change!

Hand made Ear-hooks are Sterling Silver 925.

Each earring set is unique and may have slight imperfections due to their handmade nature. Their uniqueness means that each and every set I make is made with love and intention for you.



Scandi Flower Earrings

These earrings are handcrafted out of porcelain, high fired, hand painted, glazed and then a final touch of gold lustre. The earrings unique look is achieved by firing each piece at least three times.

To be able to make such beautiful things out of clay brings me so much happiness because of the fact it comes from the earth we walk on. The clay I use for these earrings is high firing porcelain. Porcelain is a beautiful medium to work because it is smooth and white.

Please get on touch when you have an idea for custom made earrings. I am open to creating you your very own unique set. If you have a special request for an earring design please let me know by sending me an EMAIL.

If you would like to see more wildcrafted ceramics please visit my ceramic homeware page.

Wildcrafted NZ is all about slow living.  All of my ceramics are made with a deep joy I have for working with clay. It is gift from Mother Earth for which I am truly grateful for.

To stay updated on recipes, information about the herbs I use and other interesting things, please check out my journal page.


Porcelain Dangles + 925 Sterling Silver Ear Hooks, Porcelain Dangles Only

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