Luxe Goddess Facial Oil

Luxe Goddess Facial Oil 30ml 

This luxe face oil contains: Jojoba Oil (O), Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile Oil (O), Wildcrafted Signature Oil (O), Meadowfoam Oil, Mānuka Oil MBTK20+ (O)*, Frankincense (EO), Rose Absolute (EO). Inside each bottle are pure frankincense + myrrh resins as well as strawberry quartz, Laboradite and pink tourmaline crystals.

This oil can be used as a daily facial and neck oil or as a spiritual anointing oil. The crystals and resins raise it potent healing powers for not only your skin but for your heart.

Wildcrafted from local dried organic plants: (O) Organic, (EO) Pure Essential Oil, *East Cape NZ Mānuka Oil MBTK20+ (triketone content)



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Luxe Goddess Facial Oil

This oil is lovingly made with high quality Wildcrafted Oils, East Cape Mānuka Oil, Pure Essential Oils, Frankincense + Mhyrr resins. This oil may help heal inflamed skin and reduce fine lines.

Manuka oil processed the East Cape of New Zealand has a level of β-triketones are more than 30 times higher than oil processed from other regions.

β-triketones are important due to their unique antimicrobial properties (not present or only in very low levels in non-East Cape Mānuka oils). They are shown to be effective against following bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Kanuka and Tea Tree Oil do not have β-triketones. The main β-triketones found in steam distilled, East Cape mānuka oil are leptospermone, isoleptospermone, flavesone and smaller amounts of grandiflorone, validated by GC-FID/MS analytical methods.





Golden Glow, Blue Moon

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