Amulet – Seven Divine Mothers मातृका

Amulet – Seven Divine Mothers मातृका + One Brother

This amulet is one of protection and depicts the seven divine mothers and their brother.

The pendant and hearts are made from 90% Indian Silver. They are very old and hold great power within them.

Your pendant will come beautiful wrapped in an organic cotton bag.



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The Seven Divine Mothers  (Matrikas मातृका) + One brother (Ashtamatrika)

This Seven Divine Mothers, one brother pendant is worn to celebrate family and protect creation. Celebrating fertility and the continuation of the family line, each sister is said to absorb individual sins. The group of seven goddesses associated with this are: Brahmi, Maheshvari, Kumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani and Chamunda.

The story of the Seven Divine Mothers is fascinating in its own right.  They are believed to personify the seven stars of the constellation Pleiades, and were considered indispensable in assisting the great goddess Shakti Devi in her ongoing battles against demons.  From the 9th century onwards they became a standard feature of temples dedicated to goddess cults throughout India. They represent the power of the origin of the earth, the evolving soul and the destruction of everything opposed to cosmic law. They also came to play a protective role in later centuries, particularly towards pregnant women and young children.


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