Business Mentor, Human Design, EFT Practitioner and Website Design

Lynska is a multi-talented human who can help elevate you and your business. Her skill set is phenomenal and you will love how she can help you discover your full potential!

Business Mentor

Together, we can explore your thoughts and dreams to find your sweet spot in your business and personal life balance without compromising your vision.

Human Design Facilitator

Understand how you are designed so you can interact potently in the world.

Human design is a unique system that gives you a detailed roadmap of how your energy is designed and how this energy can reveal your gifts and life purpose.

By tapping into this system and applying it to your personal and business life you will find greater clarity in your decision making process and how you con better communicate your ideas to the world.

Website Designer

Stand out from the crowd with a curated experience specific to your unique energy and essence

This means creating a website that reflects the distinct personality, brand, and goals of you and your business.

Designing a website tailored to your unique energy means that your website will not be a generic template but a customized, one-of-a-kind digital space that resonates with your character and values.

Your website should be a reflection of your brand's essence. It will incorporate colors, typography, imagery, and content that align with your brand's identity, setting you apart from competitors.

EFT Practitioner

Let me help you transform your life. This simple, yet effective technique can help you create more space within yourself to become more in flow with your ideas and vision.

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