Kristin White

Kristin White


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Hi, I’m Kristin White - the heart and face behind Mama Rise.

I have 3 daughters - 12, 5 and 3 - and birthing them transformed my life.

I have a long list of credentials: I am a Certified Healing Birth Practitioner and am nearing the end of my Diploma in Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting Education. I've also completed papers in communications and counselling. I have been hairdressing since I was 19, which has helped me to develop a rapport with women from all walks of life.

I became a Mum at 24, 30 and 32. I’ve experienced three very different births: a hospital C-section, hospital vaginal birth after caesarean (V-BAC) and homebirth after caesarean (HBAC). My C-section birth was traumatic; my hospital V-BAC was such a ride, but ultimately a beautiful, untouched hospital birth; and my homebirth absolutely transformed me and catapulted me into the birth-work sphere.

I believe in a woman’s power to birth and the profound impact birthing has on both mama and baby. I believe all birth can be beautiful and empowering, and that all Mama’s have a right to feel fully informed and able to make decisions during their birth journey. I am particularly interested in VBAC education and support, ensuring people understand what VBAC really means and how achievable it is!

I have a full understanding of how a woman's body naturally works and in-depth knowledge about inductions, C-sections and VBACS, as well as the medical, emotional and spiritual implications of interventions.

Working with me during your pregnancy, birth or early parenthood will ensure you and your whānau have the emotional, mental and spiritual support you need to feel prepared, calm and confident.

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