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Here are the latest offerings from Erica!

Mindfulness for Teens:
Introduction to Mindfulness four week course:

“Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ time to begin. As long as you are breathing, you are capable of yoga and mindfulness.

Erica Viedma is a certified Iyengar teacher who specialises in mindful movement. She graduated from Unitec Performing and Screen Arts (Dance) in 2004 and started teaching yoga in 2013.

Erica combines her dance, yoga and mindfulness experience to create classes that promote wellbeing and health.

I see teaching yoga as an extension of my ongoing practice and study.

I am deeply grateful for the generosity and wisdom of my formative teachers at Unitec and to Wendy Brown for her dedication to Iyengar yoga.

I have completed my Level 1 training with the Mindfulness Training Institute.

I have upcoming Mindfulness Classes for both adults and teens. I also have weekly yoga classes at the St Martins Community Centre.

Please contact me for details:

[email protected]


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