Ari Gold

Ari Gold

Ari is a breathwork instructor and facilitator who has spent over 15 years travelling the world. When faced with his own shadow and need to find healing and resolve around his own personal traumas, he found exploring different modalities of holistic healing, from plant medicines and psychedelics to meditation and deep activated breathwork. A passion and purpose to help support the growth and evolution of consciousness by creating safe spaces for others on their own journey of self re-discovery, solidified itself in his services offered in breathwork facilitation.

Through gaining a depth of understanding within the altered states of consciousness induced through deep activated breathwork and other modalities, Ari found the ability to unlock and rediscover aspects of self and the subconscious, closed off or forgotten by the conscious mind. By moving into these areas within and giving the safety and ability to feel fully, unresolved experiences and emotional loops yet to be completed, healing was able to take place, that of which he had searched so long and far for.

Now his experiences have evolved into facilitating others who are ready to dive into their own unknowns and reconnect with their true self through the practice of breathwork.

“We are all our own healers, I am only here to help guide your way to that understanding.”

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